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Spider 2SGS EFI


The latest model of legendary SPIDER mowers will surpass what you have expected from professional mowers so far. Thanks to the more powerful Kawasaki engines with EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) technology, you will hardly come across a terrain that SPIDER couldn't handle.

Invincible on difficult terrain

1x   = 16x   = 1x  

The SPIDER 2SGS EFI achieves a productivity of up to 8,500 m2 per hour. In other words – it can match up to 16 brushcutters or a tractor with a cutting arm.


up to o 30 %

higher productivity than the 2SGS 

In difficult terrain, such as overgrown grass or steep slopes, it achieves up to 30 % higher productivity compared to the SPIDER 2SGS with a carburetor engine.

Invincible on difficult terrain

Regardless of the grass height

The unique mowing system in SPIDER mowers is based on the principle of quality mulching, thanks to which it is not necessary to collect the cut material and dispose of it in a complicated way. The finely mulched grass is evenly distributed during mowing over the lawn serving as a valuable source of nutrients. In addition, the operator can fully concentrate on mowing and not waste valuable time with a collection bin.

To achieve perfect mowing results, it is crucial that the blade speed remains stable even when mowing thick and tall grass. The electronically controlled fuel metering on the SPIDER 2SGS EFI ensures that the exact amount of fuel enters the combustion chambers ensuring a constant blade speed. Therefore, the mower does not slow down even while mowing thick and tall grass or working on a steep slope.


up to 1,5m

tall grass

The SPIDER 2SGS EFI mower is equipped with 4 rotary blades, which are made of a special HARDOX® alloy, guaranteeing the necessary strength and flexibility in the event of an accidental impact with a solid obstacle.

Regardless of the grass height

Designed for mowing underneath the PV panels

Mowing underneath solar panels used to be a complicated matter. The 2SGS is the ideal solution thanks to the remote control, omnidirectional travel system and low machine height.

The SPIDER 2SGS is based on the same concept as the ILD02 model, which has been tested for years, but has been modified to better meet the requirements of solar power plants.

The mower is 10 cm lower and is equipped with a perforated engine cover, which ensures more efficient air circulation in the engine compartment thus increasing the machine's resistance to extremely high temperatures.

The 2SGS is also suitable for other applications where low machine height is an advantage - such as orchards or parks.




SPIDER mower application
 <strong>Designed for </strong> mowing underneath <strong> the PV panels</strong>

Unrivaled slope accessibility

The SPIDER 2SGS EFI and ILD02 EFI mowers are the only mowers on the market that are certified for mowing slopes with an inclination of 60 °.

With the help of a patented stabilizing winch, the mower is totally safe on a slope while at the same time, thanks to its low weight, very gentle on the ground surface.


up to 60°

slope accessibility

<strong>Unrivaled  </strong>slope accessibility

Mower features

Drive unit

Kawasaki FS730V-EFI

25.5 HP/ 19 kW

Dimensions (l x w x h)

164 × 142 × 82,5 cm

Mowing width

123 cm


0 - 8 km/h

Mowing height

9 - 14 cm / 7 - 12 cm


387 kg

Basic information

Mower features

Drive unit

Kawasaki FS730V EFI

SPIDER 2SGS EFI mowers are powered by the latest generation of Kawasaki engines with electronically controlled direct fuel injection technology.

Engine characteristics:

  • sequential multi-point fuel injection
  • high pressure fuel injection technology with electronic fuel pump
  • integrated electronic throttle control
  • electronically controlled ignition timing
  • high performance lubrication system
Spider 2SGS EFI

Remote control

The range of the SPIDER slope mower remote control is 100 meters and the controller's battery life lasts up to 20 hours.

The ergonomically designed remote control contains controls for:

  • engine start and stop​​
  • setting the travel speed mode (turtle / rabbit)
  • switching the mowing deck on and off
  • mowing height adjustment
  • change of direction and speed of travel
  • emergency shutdown of the entire system
Remote control

Travel system

The hydrostatic wheel drive system ensures a smooth change in machine speed while maintaining an internal combustion engine optimal mode.

The combination of sensitive speed and direction control guarantees precise maneuverability, high operating efficiency and last but not least, high safety

SPIDER mode (Dance step)

The patented machine travel construction allows for omnidirectional mowing without the need for complicated maneuvering. We call this type of movement a "dance step" and it can simply be described as all-wheel drive forwards and backwards in combination with unlimited smooth rotation of all wheels in the full range of 360 °. On a field with rapidly changing inclines and where other machines have difficulty moving, the SPIDER mower is completely unbeatable with its original dance step.

Skid steering

The SPIDER 2SGS EFI is equipped with a skid-steering option. This method of control allows the machine to rotate on its vertical axis and thus simplifies the handling of the machine.

Travel system Travel system

Comfortable transportation

To transport the SPIDER 2SGS mower, a special trailer can be towed behind a vehicle, which includes integrated, easily retractable loading ramps and a system to secure the machine against movement during transport.

However, a standard trailer can also be used for transport.

Comfortable transportation

Drive unit

Engine Kawasaki FS730V-EFI
Performance 25.5 HP / 19.0 kW (SAE J1995)
Displacement 726 ccm
Igniniton electronic
Fuel tank 16 l | 4.2 gal.
Fuel type unleaded petrol

Drive system

Gear hydrostatic
Oil tank 9 l | 2.4 gal
Speed 0 – 8 kph  | 0 – 5 mph
Steering 360°, AWD, skid steering
Wheels 16 x 6.50-8

Mowing system

Mowing width 123 cm | 48.5 in. (4 blades)
Mowing height

9 – 14 cm or  7 – 12 cm |  3.5 – 5.5 in. or 2.8 – 4.7 in.

Clutch electromagnetic

Výkon a spotřeba

Productivity 8 500 m2/h | 2.1 acres/h
Fuel consumption 3,8 l/h | 1 gal/h
Slope accessibility 60° (41° without the winch)
Dimensions 164 × 142 × 82,5 cm |  65 × 56 × 32.5 in.
Weight 387 kg | 853 lbs.

Snow Plow SPL01

With the help of a snow plow, the SPIDER 2SGS EFI can also be used during the winter. The snow plow is designed to remove snow on sidewalks, parking lots and other areas up to a height of 40 cm.

The plow is equipped with a guide wheel, adjustable guides, a rubber blade and a tilting mechanism with springs, which reduces the mechanical stress when the plow hits a solid obstacle.

PLOWING ROTATION ANGLE3 mechanically adjustable positions (+-30°)

Transport Trailer & Loading Ramps

Available only in EU.

The specially designed trailer for transporting SPIDER mowers is an ideal way of transporting the machine. The trailer is equipped with integrated ramps and a system to secure the machine against movement. 

There is also a trailer version with brake and a lockable plastic tool box.

There are also separate loading ramps, which are available in 2 lengths - 150 and 200 cm. Ramps are suitable for most trucks, trailers and vans.

SPIDER blade sets

Standard straight blades are suitable for all applications.

The blades are made of HARDOX steel, which is strong enough and flexible at the same time, greatly helping in case of an accidental impact on a solid obstacle.

Specially shaped blades can be used for even more efficient mulching and excellent cutting quality. The S-shaped blades are especially suitable for mowing young and fine grass.

SPIDER fitted cover

For machine storage, we recommend a custom fitter cover, which was designed to effectively protect the SPIDER mower from dirt and moisture.

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