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The Principles of the Personal Data Processing


The trade company Dvořák – slope mowers s.r.o. residing in Pohled 277, 58221, ID no.26013797, registered in the trade index at Regional Court in Hradec Kralove, part C, insert 20148 (next only ‘Administrator’) hereby informs its customers regarding their personal data processing, should they use its services. This is in accordance with the regulation of the article no.12 and following the Order of the European Parliament and Council (EU) 2016/679, valid from 25.5.2018.

Personal data

The Administrator will process the following personal data:

The Reasons for the processing

The reason for the personal data processing is fulfilment of the Administrator’s law obligations resulting from the contract between you as the Buyers and the Administrator as the Seller, and also the Administrator’s law obligations resulting from the general law binding rules.

The Receivers of your Personal Data

The personal data processed as an obligation resulting from the special law regulations may, in some justified cases, be forwarded by the Administrator to the authorities involved in the criminal proceedings. The Administrator may also forward your personal data to the following subjects:

The legal reason here is fulfilment of the obligations resulting from the contract with the subject of the data and also the justified reasons of the Administrator or the third party. The personal data classified as the special category are not given.

The duty to provide personal data

The personal data must be given to the Administrator in order to fulfil the rights and obligations resulting from the contract.

The Period of the Data Processing

The personal data may be processed by the Administrator during the period necessary to fulfil the rights and obligations resulting from the contract, or for the period necessary for solving disputes originating from the contract itself.

Advice given to the Subject of the Data

The company DVOŘÁK– slope mowers s.r.o. hereby informs its customers of their rights to:

  1. Obtain a confirmation from the Administrator about their personal data, whether it is or is not processed and if so, they have the right to access this personal data and the following information: the reasons for processing,  the categories of the specific personal data, the receivers or categories of the receivers to whom the personal data were and will be accessible, especially receivers in the third countries or in the international organisations, the approximate time period, during which the personal data will be stored, or in case this time cannot be given, the criteria used to establish this time period; the right to request a correction or deletion of the personal data concerning the subject of the data or restriction of data processing, or to object against this processing, the right to submit a complaint at the supervising authority.
  2. Ask the Administrator to correct, without a delay, any incorrect personal data, which concern them. Considering the reasons for the processing, they have the right to add any incomplete personal data including provision of an additional declaration.
  3. Ask the Administrator to delete, without a delay, any personal data which concern them and the Administrator has a duty to delete the data without a delay providing one of the following reasons is given: the personal data is no longer needed for the purpose, for which they were collected or otherwise processed, the customer revokes his approval and there is no other legal title for its processing, the personal data was processed illegally, the personal data has to be deleted to fulfil the legal obligations given in the right of The Union or a member state, which concerns the Administrator.
  4. Ask the Administrator to restrict the processing of their personal data, if they deny its accuracy for the period of time in which the Administrator can verify this, the processing is illegal, and they ask the Administrator for the restriction instead of deletion, the data is no longer needed for its purpose but it is needed for definition, execution or the defense of legal rights.
  5. Ask the Administrator to hand over their personal data to another Administrator at their personal request.
  6. Object against the processing of their personal data by the Administrator.
  7. In case of a doubt whether the data is processed by the Administrator according to the above mentioned law regulations to address the Administrator and also the Authority for personal data protection.

In Pohled on 29.11.2018

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