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After-season care in 5 steps


The season is definitely over and as the old familiar saying says - fortune favors the prepared. With our tips you can do it easily.

After-season care in 5 steps

1. Clean the mower thoroughly

Acids contained in cut grass can damage painted and aluminum surfaces. It is important to clean the machine of any grass residue before long term storage. All you need is a broom, compressed air, and a scraper to clean the mowing deck.

Finish cleaning by greasing the moving parts. We recommend using a silicone spray.

2. Remove the fuel from the system

If you use 95-octane gasoline, remove it completely from the fuel system before winter storage. The contained bio-components tend to clog the carburetor, which results in irregular engine operation. 

The easiest way is to use up all the gas from the tank. (Of course, you can also pump it out- but don't forget to drain the carburetor float chamber.)

You can avoid all the procedure by using high-octane gasoline without bio-components.

3. Check everything thoroughly

Check the condition of all components, check bolts and nuts, check the wear of the components.

If you have not done so during the season, check the air filter, elements and spark plugs.

Charge and store the machine battery in a room at 5-10 ° C. Charge it once a month

Fully charge the remote control-battery (this battery does not require regular charging).

4. Grind the blades

If the blades are not distorted, grind and balance them (you can use an angle grinder with a carbide disc). If the blade is distorted, replace it with a new one.

5. Change the oil at the last minute

Change the oil just before the season. Run the engine for a few minutes before changing the oil to warm up the system and stir up the contaminants.

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