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The legendary SPIDER mower in miniature version


Take a look under the hands of the young talented modeler Radek Ritschel - or how the perfect model of the iconic SPIDER ILD01 mower was created.

The legendary SPIDER mower in miniature version

The idea of creating an accurate miniature version of the SPIDER ILD01 lawnmower in a 1:10 scale, arose completely by accident. When you employ skilled workers who pass on their knowledge to the next generation, it's a win-win strategy and their work will not go unnoticed.

And this is where the story of our miniatures begins, created by the young modeler Radek Ritschel, son of an employee at the DVOŘÁK - slope mowers company. His love for models started at an early age and continued through his studies to junior modeler competitions, where in 2020 he won 1st place in the Kovo junior competition. The offer to create 50 models of the SPIDER ILD01 mower was a challenge for him, but the final result is all the more sophisticated.

Individual model parts are custom-made by casting zinc alloy while maintaining accurate dimensions in a reduced scale. As soon as the castings were made exactly according to the modeler's ideas, the work began, making the finished model a perfect 1:10 scale down to the smallest details.

Behind every single model are many hours of work and the artistry of the person who brought them to life, creating an exact replica of our iconic SPIDER ILD01 mower.

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