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The steepest e-mower on the market

Introducing the first fully electric version of the SPIDER remote-controlled mower.


The SPIDER eCROSS LINER stands out for its naturally emission-free, quiet operation and productivity comparable to the internal combustion engine version.


Also newly included in the optional equipment is a stabilization winch, which enables the eCROSS LINER to handle even the most extreme slopes."

Naturally emission-free operation

The eCROSS LINER mower operation is totally emissions-free thanks to its fully electric drive.

The absence of produced emissions and quiet operation make the eCROSS LINER model the ideal solution for mowing in sensitive areas such as city parks, children's playgrounds, residential areas or relaxation zones.

Naturally emission-free operation

Powerful mulching system

The eCROSS LINER productivity is comparable to that of internal combustion engine version. The eCROSS LINER can easily handle the mowing of denser grass on the flat ground and on  slopes as well.

Compared to the internal combustion engine version, the electric model is more agile and is equipped with a specially adapted mowing device, which does not require high power and guarantees excellent quality of mowing and mulching.

Powerful mulching system

Energy efficiency

In the case of electric machines, energy efficiency is a crucial factor - every watt saved means energy that can be used for mowing itself.

The result is a record battery capacity, which ranges from 5-8 hours of continuous work per charge.

Not only the weight of the mower itself, but also its control system contributes significantly to energy efficiency. The weight factor was minimized by using aluminum alloys and eliminating unnecessary components. Further savings are achieved by the patented drive system, which enables the mower to work without limits in all directions, so that every movement becomes fully productive.

SPIDER mower application
Energy efficiency

Features of the mower

Drive unit

Synchronous electric motors

1 500 W + 2 800 W

Dimensions (w x d x h)

98 × 111 × 60 cm

Mowing width

61 cm


0 - 5 kph

Mowing height

4 - 10 cm

Gross weight

182 kg / 196 kg

Basic information

Mower equipment

Power unit

The mower is equipped with a pair of synchronous motors, which ensure the drive of the machine (1,500 W) and the mowing system (2,800 W).

The source of electrical energy is a lithium-ion battery, which offers sufficient capacity for continuous work of 5-8 hours (depending on the difficulty of the mowed terrain).


Remote control system

The mower is controlled only via the remote control, thanks to which the operator is always at a safe distance from the machine and is not exposed to adverse vibrations or the risk of falling.

Following functions can be controlled remotely:

  •      turning the mower on / off
  •      change of direction and speed
  •      switching on / off the mowing system
  •      zero-turn rotation
Remote control system

Drive system

The SPIDER eCROSS LINER is equipped with a patented drive system that enables omnidirectional grass cutting without the need for complicated maneuvering. On land with a rapidly changing slope and where other machines move with great difficulty, the SPIDER mower is completely unbeatable.

Slope accessibility

Part of the optional equipment is a stabilizing winch, which allows the eCROSS LINER to handle slopes with an incline of up to 60 degrees. Without using the winch, the eCROSS LINER can handle slopes with an incline of up to 35 degrees.

Zero-turn rotation

The SPIDER eCROSS LINER is equipped with the option of zero-turn rotation. This control method allows the machine to rotate around its vertical axis and thus simplifies the handling of the machine.

Drive system Drive system

Easy Transport

To transport the eCROSS LINER mower, it is possible to use a van or a regular trailer.

Easy Transport

Power unit                                                                        

Drive motors Permanent magnet AC motors
Engine power

1 500 W (drive)

2 800 W (mowing system)

Battery type Lithium-ion (NMC)
Battery voltage 50,4 V
Operating time 5–8 hours (depending on terrain conditions)

Drive system

Steering system Patented SPIDER mode (4WD, 360°)
Speed 0 – 5 kph
Wheels 13 × 5.00-6

Mowing system

Mowing width 61 cm
Mowing height 4 – 10 cm


Productivity up to 2 500 sqm/h
Climbing ability up to 60° (without the winch up to 35°)
Sound pressure level max. 89 dB
Dimensions 98 × 111 × 60 cm / 98 × 130 × 60 cm (with the winch)
Gross weight 182 kg / 196 kg (with the winch)

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